Christi believes if you’re given the gift of music, you should use that gift to give back.

July of 2000, Christi received a call that no sister would ever want to get. Her mother called her to let her know that her little brother Ted was in the hospital. Doctors had requested all of his family to be present, for they didn’t think he would survive through the night. Ted was given a 5% chance to live. As Ted was driving home the evening of July 31st 2000, he turned a bend on the 83 Freeway in Baltimore, and there was an unattended truck parked in the fast lane. Ted had no time. He slammed on his brakes, threw up the emergency brake and his car went under the truck going 55 mph. His brain smashed into his skull at 55 mph. When Ted was finally taken into surgery the doctors had little hope that he would survive and if he did survive, that he’d be unable to walk, talk, or feed himself. The fact is he could have been a vegetable. Fortunately, Christi and her family never gave up their faith and they fought along Ted’s side for survival. Ted never gave up his willingness to survive; he was in a coma for 16 weeks. Faith, Prayers, Love, Strength, Will, and Music, played a very important role in Christi’s brothers survival. Ted has learned to walk again, learned to talk again, all to the amazement of the doctors and nurses who were by Ted’s side during his recovery.

While Ted works on his day to day, Christi fights for better funding, support and awareness on behalf of other survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury and their family members. Christi has performed at Ernie Irvan’s L.A.P.S WALK several years in a row at the Michigan International Speedway as well as traveled through out the country lending her voice and music to help bring awareness to Traumatic Brain Injury. Christi is actively involved, giving speeches, and has performed for the TRC Center in Smyrna, TN, she has been active with the Brain Injury Association of TN, Maryland, and Michigan. She worked with Tracy Martinson and Nikki Ly on an amazing Pilot/Documentary Project currently titled “A Country Story” which documents her true passion in raising more awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury. You can see this documentary pilot at:

Whenever she has a free moment, Christi also spends as much time as she can finding good homes for homeless and abused animals. She is a member of American Humane Society, World Wildlife Fund, ASPCA, IFAW, and The Humane Society International.

Christi has also donated her time to perform for Terminally ill children associated with the Musicians On Call Program in Nashville, TN, is actively involved with St. Jude Children’s Hospital and each year she is involved with the Susan B. Komen Race For a Cure.

She’s remains busy, but every moment is worth doing what she’s passionate about.